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create timeless pieces that are sourced responsibly through eco—friendly and sustainable means

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fast fashion

It is a pretty huge problem; these are our steps in the right direction towards solving it. In general, it is a toxic industry; creating high waste, low life span clothing to fuel the growth of profit margins. Don't get it twisted we are no angels. We’ve all bought cheap, throw away clothes before but we are grown and wiser now. It's time for a change.

Some ways we are trying to go in the right direction:


We use sustainable materials as much we can + combining that with a low waste production process to reduce our footprint and waste.

slow fashion

We do not mass produce; all items are made-to-order. This is to ensure high-level of quality and eradicate any unnecessary waste from the get-go.


We believe its important to be open and share our learnings when possible - to pass it on to the next and in the hopes we will all grow as a collective

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