about us

deadnice, a Newcastle—London based company creating design—led, environmentally sound clothing.

formed to stitch together contemporary culture and sustainable ideologies, through a multidisciplinary approach inspired by product design.

with a clear design DNA, we're in the business of creating unique collections that form a well-refined wardrobe that transcends trends.

designing a better future.

about us



responsibly sourced materials, matched with eco-friendly printing process to give us a clean and sustainable production line

minimal waste

our production runs are kept to small batches so we can ensure high quality and so we don’t create unnecessary waste


we believe in making clothes not just for the season, nor the year — we want to offer a line that lasts the test of time.

future plans

carbon neutral

aim to run at net zero carbon footprint – preserving the planet for the many generations to follow


bring all parts of the business in-house to gain ultimate control of every piece of production

material design

whats the unexplored, how and what new can we make

explore new

with the aims to play in other industries

more more more

we're just getting started, much more to come

thank you for joining
us on this journey

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